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TNA – Hang on glass Thermometer


Dennerle Nano Shrimp Net
Ideal for catching shrimps or mini-fish in small aquaria.

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TNA (Top Nature Aquarium) – Hang on glass Thermometer is a thermometer designed for the Nature Aquarium. White type is easy to read the scale, and sleek design matches with various types of frame-less tanks. It can be easily placed on the edge of aquarium without using suction cup. Please select the size in accordance with the thickness of your aquarium.

* Temperature Measuring Range: 0-40 ℃ (measurement deviation: within ±1℃)

Made of high-quality glass.
Assembly without any suction cups.
Slim, elegant design.
Doesn’t interfere with the overall impression of the aquascape.
Helps you keep track of the water temperature
Easily hang on the tank wall

Weight 0.1 kg

u-shaped, small, white 50×50 mm, u-shaped, small, black 50×50, u-shaped, big, white 75×60 mm, u-shaped, big, black 75×60 mm


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