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An exceptional fern gametophyte
Almost like seaweed, translucent
Forms cushions of interesting apperance
Easy to grow
75ml Container

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The name Süsswassertang means “freshwater seaweed” in German, and is not a true aquatic moss. Often confused with Pellia, the Süsswassertang has a translucent green thalloid and feels like seaweed. The thalloids grows in a nice stratified pattern once established on hardscape. You can simply place Süsswassertang in the bottom of the tank or tie it to a driftwood/rock and watch it grow. Grows both in low and high light.

Süsswassertang is not a real moss and will never attach itself to wood or rock completely, it is a fern that thrives in the low light conditions. Then tied to wood it propagates itself by simply growing the clump larger.

Süsswassertang is not a true moss but an liverwort
It is fast growing and ery popular in the aquatic hobby
It looks similar to seaweed
Do not use peroxide near it as it will ‘burn’ the Süsswassertang


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