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Dennerle Dosator


  • Constant fertilisation via osmosis system
  • No need for additional technology
  • For Dennerle V30 Complete and S7 VitaMix
  • Imitates natural fertilisation

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The innovative Dosator is designed to simplify and optimise the fertilisation with V30 Complete and S7 VitaMix from the Dennerle ferilisation system. The automatic, steady application of fertiliser in form of drops comes closest to a natural, permanent supply to the plants. Through this way of dosing – in contrary to the common push fertilisation – the nutrient supply constantly remains in the optimal area. This method simultaneously prevents algae growth by nutrient imbalances.
The Dosator is made to provide aquarium tanks of 50 to 300 litres with fertiliser. Through the inbuilt semi permeable membrane, aquarium water gets pulled into the Dosator’s fertiliser reservoir by osmosis. Then, this water pushes the fertiliser through the integrated riser pipe drop by drop into the aquarium. This specifically invented technique immensely differs from other dispensing aids which usually are electrically operated and, therefore, are less ecological or still base on daily push fertilisation. This evenly small addition of fertiliser keeps the nutrient flow constant without any further technique and cares for healthy and strong plant growth.


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