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Dennerle CO2 long-term test Correct


  • Complete Test-Set
  • Including Test Container and Test Solution
  • Comes with black suction cup

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The CO2 long term test Correct + pH enables you to control the CO2 content of your aquarium in a save and exact way. The level of CO2 in the aquarium can be read directly from the six-colour scale in milligrams per litre. This provides an absolutely simple and reliable means of setting the correct CO2 supply level.

Conventional long-term CO2 tests are filled with a mixture of aquarium water and indicator. This involves various disadvantages, one being that the acids which are present in all aquarium waters (e.g. humic acids, nitrate, etc.) can lead to incorrect test results. The DENNERLE CO2 long-term test Correct employs a ready-to-use special CO2 indicator which is used on its own, rather than in a mixture with aquarium water.


  • Simplicity – No additional measurement of carbonate hardness is necessary. Only a single colour-matching scale is required.
  • Safety – The CO2 long-term test Correct +pH indicates the CO2 content correctly at all times – independently of other acids in the aquarium water (e.g. humic acids).
  • Accuracy – The CO2 long-term test Correct allows direct determination of the CO2 content in millilgrams per litre – avoiding the need for additional water measurements and the laborious practice of converting values in tables.


  • Test container
  • Special CO2 indicator
  • Six-colour matching scale
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19 g (100 ml), 38 g (200 ml)


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