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Dennerle CO2 Bio 60 Complete Set


  • CO2 bottle with CO2 Control Gel and starter capsule
  • Micro-Flipper
  • Bottle support
  • CO2 hose
  • Bubble counter

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DennerleCO2 Bio 60 – Starter Set

The easy, safe way to add CO2 to your aquarium:

The production of CO2 and the additon of the correct amount to your tank at all times run autonomously. There is no need to adjust or to measure anything – this is as easy and comfortable as CO2 addition can get. DENNERLE Bio CO2 is the perfect choice for all those who start fertilizing their tanks with CO2 or who just want to give this method a try.

After as little time as a few weeks after you start to fertilize your plants with CO2 you will see an improvement:
The plants grow much better, their colors intenisfy, and they look stronger and more vivid.
The entire aquarium appears to be much more alive.

The Bio 60 Starter Set for beginners consists of:

  • CO2 depot with CO2 Control Gel and a starter capsule
  • Mini Topper
  • holding box
  • CO2 hose

Suitable for tanks with a volume of up to 60 litres.

Weight 0.41 kg

19 g (100 ml), 38 g (200 ml)


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